Le Corbusier Furniture: Understanding How They Help Every Limb Relax

Modernizing an old space is easy with Le Corbusier furniture. The pieces created in this brand have simple, elegant and very modern twist. The catch is that each piece of furniture has the most basic form in which you can feel the comfort because their structure coincides with the position of your body at rest. The design understands how to create luxurious comfort with the basic simplicity of structure. Arts and sciences worked together to bring out the unique but remarkable quality of these furniture pieces.

Classic Modern Furniture Le Corbusier Sling Chair

The Designer behind Le Corbusier furniture

Le Corbusier is a Swiss architect who created the Le Corbusier brand. Having seen the need of new designs of furniture in his job, he decided to make his own. He and his team first launched the brand in Paris in 1928. The Salon de Autumne is the birth place of the Le Corbusier brand.

Later, his cousin Pierre Jeanneret joined him in his venture. He also introduced simple designs that go well with Le Cobusier’s modern furniture.  They study how the human limbs move and what is the most comfortable position at rest. This is a new way to design furniture since most of the designers, that time, only considers the aesthetic factor of each piece they create.   They took Thoret to manufacture their designs.

The Beauty and Elegance Le Corbusier furniture

The Iconic Designs of Le Corbusier furniture

Many home designers now use the modern design furniture of Le Corbusier. They have several favorite pieces that you can see in most contemporary spaces. Because of their ever inevitable presence, they have reached the iconic status. These pieces are:

  • The LC-1 chair. This has metal rectangular support on each side with thin cushion leather that runs along the back to the seat. The slim metal supports are shinny and uncomplicated. This design is every inch a modern Le Corbusier chair. This is one of the earliest designs launched in 1928.
  • Living room sofas. You can see the shadow of the chair which Le Corbusier designed here. The seats are thick cushioned. You can already experience the comfort simply by looking at it.
  • Le Corbusier chaise. This is a leather furniture piece which is inclined like a dentist chair. A long sausage pillow is placed under the nape to relax the sitter from stress. The curved and sloping extension along the legs can dissolve every ache in your calves. You can see these chaises in most of modern living rooms or industrial offices.

Le Corbusier furniture ensures your comfort through close observation of how your body can completely relax.